Some laser machine companies are testing co2 glass tube power using a pretty expensive watt reader. I know a lot or most companies just flip machines and dont test the laser at all…let alone the laser tube so that it reaches the rated power. Boss Laser does test their Puri and Reci tubes and are pretty transparent about it. So the point is that if the tube is 50W you should get a minimum of 50W out the end of the tube. Boss actually says they take it a step farther and make sure you get 50 watts out the laser head nozzle. Which is impressive since you can
have quiet a bit of power absorbed as it bounces off the mirrors and through the focal lens.

Apparently when glass tubes are good they’re great but if you get a bad tube – its exactly that – bad. Best thing to do is find out as early as possible so you dont have to deal with it.  By “bad” tube it either wont fire at all or the power is significantly under the agreed rating.  Of course check the mili amp reader that you’ve got enough milli amps.  Also, you want to make sure the power supply that powers the tube is the same wattage as the tube…not less and not more.

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